Board Of Trustees
Malaysian Timber Council
Standing (L-R) Tan Seng Hoe, Haji Hanafee Haji Yusoff, Yap Leong Seng, Sheikh Othman Sheikh Abdul Rahman, Jalaluddin Harun
Seated (L-R) Lee Kean See, Nurmala Abd Rahim, Aaron Ago Dagang, Cheah Kam Huan,(retired) Low Kian Chuan

The Chairman and Board of Trustees determine the Council's policy direction in MTC's various functions, including investment. Members consists of a representative each from the five founding members of MTC, namely the Malaysian Wood Industries Association (MWIA), the Timber Exporters' Association of Malaysia (TEAM), the Malaysian Panel-Products Manufacturers' Association (MPMA), the Malaysian Wood Moulding & Joinery Council (MWMJC) and the Malaysian Furniture Industry Council (MFIC). There is also a representative each from the Ministry of Plantation Industries & Commodities (MPIC), the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia and the Association of Malaysian Bumiputra Timber and Furniture Entrepreneurs (PEKA)

MTC Board of Trustees for 2014

Y.B. Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang (Chairman)
Malaysian Timber Council

Y. Bhg. Datuk Seri Nurmala Abd. Rahim
Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities

Y. Bhg Dato' Dr Hj Abd Rahman Abd Rahim
Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia

Dr Jalaluddin Harun
Malaysian Timber Industry Board

Dato' Low Kian Chuan
Malaysian Wood Industries Association

Mr George Tan Seng Hoe
Timber Exports' Association of Malaysia

Y. Bhg. Dato' Sheikh Othman Sheikh Abdul Rahman
Malaysian Panel-Products Manufacturers' Association

Mr Chin Lee Yen
Malaysian Wood Moulding & Joinery Council

Mr Sunny Ter Soon Peng
Malaysian Furniture Industry Council

En Ahmad Suradi Adnan
Association of Malaysian Bumiputra Timber And Furniture Entrepreneurs

Mr Thang Hooi Chiew

Y. Bhg Dato' Abd Karim Ahmad Tarmizi

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