MTC Import Assistance Programme



MTC’s IAP is divided into three (3) categories:-
A two-tiered disbursement to offset shipping and handling charges incurred for the importation of timber materials.
A cost-sharing programme to facilitate trial shipment from new suppliers who were visited during MTC’s organized sourcing mission.
    To encourage timber industry manufacturers to diversify their production by utilizing new timber species from off-shore sources as substitute to the depleting raw material supply.

•    Must be incorporated and with manufacturing facilities in Peninsular Malaysia.
•    Must be a member of any one of the following associations;

  • Association of Malaysian Bumiputra Timber & Furniture Entrepreneurs (PEKA);
  • Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC);
  • Malaysian Wood Industries Association (MWIA);
  • Malaysian Wood Moulding & Joinery Council (MWMJC);
  • The Malaysian Panel-Products Manufacturers' Association (MPMA);
  • The Timber Exporters' Association of Malaysia (TEAM).

•    Raw materials must be in the form of round logs, sawntimber, veneer, mouldings, particleboard, fibreboard, plywood, panels, semi-processed products, and furniture components deemed suitable by MTC.
•    Country of origin must be a legally exporting country.
•    Import of timber materials from East Malaysia is also permitted under the programme.
•     Final port of destination can be any port located in Peninsular Malaysia.

i.    Direct Sourcing Programme
•    Maximum cost of RM50.00 per cubic metre (m3) or whichever is lower for the first 1,000 m3 and RM40.00 per cubic metre or whichever is lower for the subsequent 500 m3 (up to a maximum of 1,500 m3 of raw material imported per company) on shipping and handling charges
•    Disbursement is based on a first-come, first-served basis until the direct sourcing fund is fully utilized.
ii.    Mission Participation Incentive and Industrial Testing Programme
Full ocean freight charges up to a maximum of two (2) forty-footer container per company from the port of origin inbound to any Peninsular Malaysia ports.

•    Online application will be introduced for the Direct Sourcing Programme 2017 (DSP) and industry members can apply online from 30 December 2016 onwards via
•    Application for Mission Participation Incentive and Industrial Testing Programme must be submitted directly to MTC. Application form can be obtained from the MTC.  
•    Latest Form 24 and 49 (certified as true copies) as well as Form of Annual Return, as per the Companies Act 1965 must be submitted together with the registration form or online application.

i.    All applications for the Direct Sourcing Programme reimbursement should be done online and applicants must fill up the electronic form and attached all of document needed.
ii.    Original and certified as true copies, one set each must be sent to MTC immediately upon submitting online application. All applications for reimbursement must be accompanied by the following documents:-

1.    Purchase Order/Contract
2.    Bill of Lading
3.    Legality Certificate(s) (if any)  
4.    Custom Official Receipt (if any)
5.    Custom Declaration Form
6.    Special Calculation of Import (if any)
7.    Commercial/Supplier’s Invoice(s)
8.    Packing List
9.    Forwarding Invoice(s)
10.    Ocean Freight Invoice(s)
11.    Terminal Operators’ Invoice(s)
12.    Land Transportation Invoice(s)
13.    Self Declaration Letter (if any)

iii.    Prior approval from MTC is required before the cargo/shipment arrival.

iv.    Import Period
•    Direct Sourcing Programme – from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017.
•    Mission Participation Incentive – within six (6) months of returning from the mission.
•    Industrial Testing Programme – within three (3) months of MTC’s approval.
v.    Submission of shipping documents and relevant invoices must reach MTC within 30 days of cargo arrival (based on custom declaration date).
vi.    Raw material imported is subject to random inspection by MTC staff either at port or at factory premises from time to time.